Where do you go for your favorite slice of pizza?

I have lived here in Gulf Breeze for just over 5 1/2 years. Several different things have been missing in my life since I moved here. One of those is a tasty slice of pizza…… (Not from a chain). My family was lucky enough to have family from Michigan visiting duting the Christmas holidays, and we took them to some of our favorite restaurants. Long story short, we took them to the New Yorker Deli in Pensacola on Friday night for the amazing Cuban sandwich. One of the kids ordered a pepperoni pizza, and I had a slice or two. WOW!!!!! It was so amazingly fresh and delicious. It is now my favorite slice of pizza.

Where do you go to get your favorite slice in the area?

Check out the top rated pizza in Pensacola according to the PNJ. Click this link to check them out — Pizza Places

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